Saturday, 19 January 2013

Shoes Glorious Shoes

Hi guys, it's me again. Today I would like to show you a few Christmas presents which I was lucky enough to receive this year. Anybody who knows me knows that I like shoes a little......... ok so it's more like an addiction. I see a nice pair of shoes; flat, high, sparkly, plain, and I'm like “ohhh I need those in my life”. So when Santa left me some shoes under the Christmas tree, needless to say I was too excited!
The first pair I'd like to show you today are my Hello Kitty Vans. Hubby picked these himself, as he does with most presents, and I have no issues with him buying me any item of clothing or footwear. He has really good taste and knows me so well!. These were from Office (I know because I saw the bag the day Hubby bought them) and are so cute! I love the print on them and Vans are really comfy to wear. The babies are a size 4, because I do in fact have child size feet, and they fit great. And these are going to be worn til the cows come home, and other such passage of time phrases.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Snow Boots

Today my snow boots finally got an outing. They were bought about two months back, when we had a freak one day snow fall. Which resulted in a two day ice rink forming only on my street, and me falling on my arse on my way to work. Which wasn’t the most enjoyable! So I got my boy scout head on and scooted over to Decathalon, vowing that I was going to be prepared for the next time my world was covered with the white stuff.