Sunday, 26 April 2015

Tattoos and me

So I'm sure you all know by now that this little ol' blog is about all things beauty. And with that in mind it would seem inappropriate not to include permanent skin artistry - you know, tattoos. The statement above is completely true for me. I love tattoos, actually I adore tattoos. The idea of having art drawn on my body for me to show off forever appeals to me no end. I like to think this love has come from seeing my dads tattoos as a child, my favourite being the obligatory naked lady (she wasn't completely naked, just the top half). My dad was in the military you see and it was the thing then, as I am sure it still is now, to get Inked. Maybe it was to show you were a man *flexes muscles*, maybe it was because it was a thing you did when you were wasted, maybe a little bit of both lol. But it's been a military tradition for a very long time. And I loved those drawings on my dads arms. They weren't weird to me, they were perfectly normal. There were no negative connotations that came with them. I don't think anyone looked at my dad and thought 'naughty person'. Well who knows what another person thinks, but I definitely didn't think that way. 

Beautiful skin (wedding skin) - Pre products

Good looking skin for me is a must. I spend time and a good portion of my wage on making my skin look good. And by good I mean clear of blemishes, line and wrinkle free, plumped and hydrated and luminous and well rested. My personal goal is to stay looking young for as long as possible - Peter Pan style. With this in mind I thought a static section of my blog all about making/helping skin to look good would hopefully be beneficial to you guys. I also thought this would be helpful for those special occasions, weddings included, where you want to look your very best. And I am secretly hoping that once you enhance your skin care routine you will become a convert, because I believe that everyone deserves beautiful skin.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Benefit gift sets

Like most people, when it comes to spending my hard earned cash, I like a bargain. And when it comes to makeup and products I generally like to trial them first, and Benefit's gift sets tick both boxes for me.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Lush Christmas gift boxes from the M-I-L

So Christmas happened, 4 months ago and my lovely mother-in-law bought me some gift boxes from Lush, along with other things. She bought me these because she loves me (well I should hope so I took her son off her hands) and because she knows I love Lush. They are ethical, no animal testing, home grown, semi-natural products (check their website, all ingredients are listed), what's not to like! And I thought I would show you what lovelies you could get, either for a loved one, or just for a treat for yourself.

This first is the purple one with the green ribbon and Christmas trees. I think it's called Merry Christmas, but that's literally a guess because the labels for these could be anywhere now. Christmas was 4 months ago people! And I know I need to be writing blog posts a little quicker. So what did it have in it? Well you can see from the pic that it had Rub, Rub, Rub shower scrub in it. Santa's lip scrub, and an ombre blue and green soap (who knows which soap that is but it sure looks pretty). It also had in it So White shower gel and I think but I really can't be sure, that it may have had a small Million Dollar Moisturiser in it. I mean I have it so it must have come from somewhere.

The other is the one with the fruit all over it. This is called The Whole Fruit and I know this because not only does it say it on the box but it's also still on Lush's website. And this has in it The Comforter bubble bar, D'Fluff strawberry shaving soap, Avobath bath bomb, The Olive Branch shower gel, I Love Juicy shampoo, American Cream conditioner, Miranda soap, King of Skin body butter (which is lovely by the way) and Magnificent soap. And so the Lush website say's, it should have had You've Been Mangoed bath melt in it, but mine didnt *sad face*. But what you going to do ay?! I have enough to keep me going for a while without it.

As with all Lush gifts the bath bombs and bubble bars are the first to go. You guys know I adore baths and there is nothing more that I adore than having a little summat summat to go in my baths, which is why the bombs, creamers, melts, bubble bars etc get used up first. Then it will be all the other products with the soaps being last to go, this is because soaps last so long. Has anyone else noticed this? or is it just me?

So Santa M-I-L did good! As she always does really. And if you are reading this The Mother-in-law...thank you and love ya's x x x x x x x x

Stacey x x

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Lip crayons

When it comes to makeup, people usually have a 'thing'. A type of product that they love, or maybe a certain area of their face that they like to accentuate; their best features. For me, it's lips, I think my lips are my best feature. I have hooded eyes which are alright but not the best, and I don't have model cheek bones, so they are out, but I do like my lips. They are a nice fullness and a nice shape, so I like to show them off.  And from this comes my love of lip products. I have an array of balms, stains, gloss, pencils, lipsticks, and I'm sure they will all make an appearance at some point on here.