Sunday, 5 July 2015

Ciate nail polishes

Check these babies out! This is my Ciate nail polish collection (In the front, the back are OPI). Straight from the 2013 Ciate advent calendar. Now I know when first reviewing this calendar I said that I probably wouldn't pay full price for it and I probably wouldn't buy it again next year. Well...I might have had a small change of heart. I love these nail polishes! The formula is great, goes on easy and smooth, and east to take off. No chipping. The colours are lovely and it must be the only time that I would buy the mini size over the full size. Every other brand where I have tried the mini size I have hated them, finding that they have dried out too quickly and the lid (where the brush is) hasn't been easy to use - which means messy application. These do not have any of those faults. Also they look like they were made to fit my shelves and I can't tell you how much that makes me happy. Soooo I'm thinking about buying the Ciate calendar again this year. You know if it's on the cheap, or maybe even if it's not. You will have to wait and see.

Foundation for pale faces

L-R: Urban Decay, Cover FX, Illamasqua skin base, Bare Minerals, Illamasqua powder foundation. 

As I'm sure you know by now I am distinctly lacking in the colour department when it comes to skin tone. And because of this I also struggle in the foundation department. You see even though it rains 90% of the time in the UK and the other 10% of the time its over cast, the foundations on offer do not accommodate pale ladies like my self. So I have had to hunt, and I'm still hunting actually, to find foundations in a whiter shade of pale.