Thursday, 21 May 2015

London shopping

Yesterday myself and hubby took a trip to the big city. This was to celebrate hubby's birthday (he is knocking on a bit now) but I managed to squeeze in a spot of shopping as well. As you do.

First things first, I really wanted to go to the Make Up For Ever counter in Debenhams while we were in London, because, I'm sure you know, Make Up For Ever (MUFE) has just landed on UK shores. And I wanted to take a look at the cream of the crop of makeup powerhouses. Those of you that don't know, MUFE are widely known and heavily recommended by some of THE top makeup artists. So I was really excited to see what they had to offered. The picture of the shopping bags above might be a clue as to what I bought from MUFE, nothing! Not a diddly-squat. And that is because I have never been so underwhelmed in all my life. The MUFE counter was a complete let down for me. I expected to be inspired, to want everything, or even to want something. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING took my fancy at all. I went in looking for the Diamond dusts - couldn't find them. What surprised me was that the counter wasn't that busy either. I had imagined it to be swamped, and there looked like the same amount of people there as there was at the other counters next door (Urban Decay I think). It wasn't even as busy as Manchester MAC on a week day. I was shocked and thoroughly, completely and wholly underwhelmed. It made me sad! I mean I'm sure their HD foundation is great, but the rest of their products, I may never know.

But that didn't stop me buying other things. I did take a trip to Kiko cosmetics which was the other place I really wanted to go in London and that, my friends, did not disappoint. I can't show you everything I bought from there because I did buy a birthday gift for one of my friends, but what I can show you are these.

Two mascaras and a container. Yes I know a container is very boring, but it is a necessity. I need to decant some powder SPF from one of those brush-with-the-product-inside things. You know, the things they tout as easy to use and portable because both your brush and product is in the same place, well I do not love those. I have to tip the brush completely vertical to get the product to come out, and let me tell you, it's really hard to powder your face like that. So I'm going to put the powder in to a pot and use a normal brush, you know - old school style. As for the two mascaras: one is the Pro Gel mascara which is used to strengthen and nourish the eye lashes. And the other is the False Lashes Concentrate Building Base mascara which is a white base coat (used before your normal mascara) mascara used to enhance volume. Kiko's shop was really cool. It had quite a high-end, professional feel to it, kind of like MAC counters. Its spans two floors, ground level and basement. The sales assistants were friendly. The shopping baskets were funky. The products are at a decent price point: The container cost - £1.90, The two mascaras cost - £7.20 each. There were a good number of customers in, but not too many that you couldn't get round the shop. And I was served quickly at the till. Overall a good shopping experience, and one I would like to repeat, as long as my products are good of course.

Then I had a little splurge in Lush. Yes I can go to Lush pretty much anywhere, but it was right there, and I have no bath bombs left. A girls gotta have bath bombs, it's the law. So I bought Dragons Egg bath bomb (top left) £3.35, May Day bath bomb (middle right) £2.95, Big Blue bath bomb (middle left) £3.35 and Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment bath melt (bottom right) £3.95. I love Lush and I will tell you why, not only do they do amazing products, think about the bigger picture, and are home grown (big up to British companies), their customer service is impeccable! Every single Lush shop I have ever been in have given me amazing service. The shop assistants are LOVELY, they are the most knowledgeable about the products in their stores than any other shop I have been in, and it is not often I come out of a Lush shop empty handed. Seriously all you other shops need to take a leaf out of Lush's books because they rule when it comes to customer service!

And last but not least I also went to SpaceNK. SpaceNK is a very posh shop, and I definitely feel that when I go in it. You know when you feel a little inferior, like they are going to hide the silverware when you go in. I mean its not as bad a Liberty's (which I also went in and Hubby advised me afterwards that staff watched us with their beady eyes) but it's in that ball park. So I already knew kind of what I wanted when I went in, either a blusher or Ambient light power from Hourglass or a blusher from Becca. Well they didn't stock Becca so Hourglass it was. I felt like I stood for ages at the Hourglass stand, not touching anything like your mum tells you when you are in a posh shop, before someone came over to see if I was ok. I mean there were other customers in so I can't be really annoyed about that (I mean their money is just as good, maybe even better, than mine), but it just makes me feel weird. Maybe it's just my short comings, but in a shop so posh I feel a bit out of place (like Cinders at the ball). Anyway when the shop assistant came over to help me she was lovely. She tried some of the Ambient powders on me, we had a nice chat and I bought the Ambient light powder in Ethereal Light. This was £38.00 so not for the faint hearted but look at how posh it looks (I will give it a review once I have used it).

So that's it. My purchases from the big city and I am pretty happy with them. I really enjoy going to London. There are a million and one things to do and see, and eat (we had dirty burgers at Patty and Bun) so if you haven't been before, get yourself down there and enjoy the sights and sounds of our capital city.

Stacey x x

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