Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bumble and Bumble

Hi guys today I have a review for you of two Bumble and Bumble products. Now what do I know about Bumble and Bumble? Well apart from being really expensive, and I mean gasp out loud expensive, they are an American, luxury hair care brand, with a substantial hair lover following. However when I saw them in Boots a few weeks ago all I thought was, these look nice and I've heard of them so I'll give them a try.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Oh la la, La Senza!

A few weeks ago I was feeling the need for some new PJ's, and not just the normal fluffy Primark kind that Hubby calls 'Telly Tubby' pyjamas. I was in the mood for more Spring time bedtime attire. You know, not crazy sexy, but not Telly Tubby esque either. I was also in the mood for an exceptional shopping experience, and where better for this than La Senza?

I LOVE La Senza. I hadn't been in a while and had actually forgotten how much I love it (it's a lot)!. The shop layout is lovely and the customer service is exceptional! Those that have frequented this shop know that it is not the cheapest. I mean it's not Agent Provocater or anything, and you wont have to re-mortgage but it's definitely best to go in the sale, and I did just that.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Afternoon Tea.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of treating my gorgeous friend to afternoon tea at the beautiful Mitton Hall. Nestled in the heart of the Ribble Valley you will not only find rolling hills, breath taking scenery and quaint country villages, you will also find the luxurious Mitton Hall. This country house hotel plays host to weddings, romantic weekends and 'town girls pretending they were posh for a few hours' afternoon tea. Lucky for us!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Molton Brown – Essence.

Hi guys and welcome to my first Molton Brown review. In all my years, and there have been a few, I can only remember owning one Molton Brown set. This was a travel shower gel set, bought on impulse, in-flight. You know what its like!. When you have that holiday feeling; there’s nothing else that you fancy on sale and they are a decent price. It just happens. This, however, was given as a present from my lovely mother-in-law (M-I-L). She had been on a working trip to Ireland and came home with this for little ol’ me. (thank you, mwah).

Now if you didn’t know, Molton Brown is a British company that first opened its doors in London 1973 as a hair salon. It is a luxury brand, which bases their products on a natural ethos which encompasses; never testing on animals, sourcing all their natural ingredients from sustainable sources and manufacturing 90% of their products in the UK.