Sunday, 17 May 2015

Beautiful skin - Specialised products

Hay you guys!! Your here, at the specialised products post. So you want your skin to look gawjus? Well you've come to the right place. Also a tiny secret, so do I!

So here are the products that are going to give your skin that extra oomph. To take you from 'hi hows things' to 'your skin looks beautiful'. Where you'll get questions like 'what foundation are you wearing?' and your not wearing any. And people will be using words such as glowing, refreshed, well rested and bloody lovely. I want that and I work my butt off to achieve it. My friends sometimes comment that I have no wrinkles (they will arrive eventually, but only once I have batted them away with many a cosmetic stick), and, not being conceited or anything, but I have had comments for a long time about how nice my skin looks. And I tell everyone, friends included that I have had to work for it. I don't just get up in the morning and wash my hair with some body wash and skip out the door. For one I don't be skipping ANYWHERE in the morning, and for two it takes a little more time and thought than that. Not a massive amount of time, I'm not generally an hours in front of the mirror type of girl. We are still working on the 5 mins principle in the morning, but it can take a little longer at night. You see I will sometimes put a face mask on - I try for twice a week, I will sometimes use a scrub - I also try to do this twice a week, I will sometimes cleanse, tone and moisturise at night and use a night cream, and at the moment I am thinking about adding an eye cream in to the mix (although they don't really get on with my skin. I suffer from Milia).

Your specialised products are all about combating specific issues or complaints with some extra muscle. Products in this category are things like facial oils, BB creams, CC creams, serums, eye creams, line fillers, microdermabrasion and I'm sure many, many more. So lets say your skin is looking quite tired and dull at the moment and even though you are scrubbing and masking you are still not happy. Well in this instance you might want to try a brightening serum or some microdermabrasion. You might be thinking your crows feet are looking particularly bad so you add in a product specifically for that area, a line filler maybe. There are tons of products on the market, so many that I am sure there is something for every concern, and if there isn't I'm sure there will be soon, there are new innovations all the time.

So this is the final post in my Beautiful Skin series. I honestly hope you have enjoyed it and that this has given you an insight in to taking care of your skin. I want to show people that cosmetics aren't something to be scared of, and there are loads of products out there to try and enjoy. You all know by now that my personal goal is to look as young as possible for as long as possible. But what I would really like for other people is for you to feel amazing in you own skin, to own it! To be confident to go out with out make up on, hell to only wear make up when you want to, instead of feeling like you have to. Because sincerely...

'everyone deserves beautiful skin' 

Stacey x x

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