Monday, 14 January 2013

Snow Boots

Today my snow boots finally got an outing. They were bought about two months back, when we had a freak one day snow fall. Which resulted in a two day ice rink forming only on my street, and me falling on my arse on my way to work. Which wasn’t the most enjoyable! So I got my boy scout head on and scooted over to Decathalon, vowing that I was going to be prepared for the next time my world was covered with the white stuff.

Decathalon is a retail company that specialises in sports equipment and outdoor clothing. You can get everything from walking boots to snow boards in their warehouse style shops. It’s a sporting Mecca, and the products are reasonably priced as well. My boots were £29.99 and are breathable and waterproof. They have a 4mm notched rubber sole to help save you from the embarrassing slippage. And they are thermal insulated up to -9 at rest and -25 when active (not that Britain gets that cold, but be prepared and all that).

These boots are really well made and quite funky with their blue piping and laces. And even though they are really warm and snuggly to wear I am kinda hoping that the snow stays at bay. Is that bad? Maybe I’m be getting old ;0)   

I hope you are all enjoying the snow, or if you are like me, enjoying being cosy on the sofa.

Stacey x x

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