Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Ciate and Benefit advent calendar reviews

(benefit and ciate advent calendars) 

Hi guys this is just a quick review of both the Benefit and Ciate advent calendars. First of all, the prices, because let's face it, the cost of something is VERY important. I paid £60 for the Benefit calendar and £19.99 for the Ciate calendar, so you can see they arnt all that cheap. 

Now for what was in them.

Above is what was in the Benefit calendar minus a few pieces. As you can see there was a few pretty good things and a few really crap things! Just in this picture there are 4 non cosmetics, the two lots of post-it notes and the two hair ties. I mean post-it notes, in a calendar that cost £60 , I was not impressed! Also I have short hair so the hair ties are no use to me what so ever. As well as the post-it's, stationary wise there was also some heart shaped paper clips *sighs and shakes head*. All the rest of the products were seriously small. I don't mean they were travel size, I mean they were sample size. You can see where this review is going. So in my opinion, for a calendar that cost £60 this was not worth the money I'm sorry to say. I definitely will not be purchasing this calendar again. I would say that a better option would be to spend your £60 on some actual Benefit products. Even some of their gifts sets which are great value for money. 

Now on to the Ciate calendar, and here's what was in it. 

I don't think all of the products are in this picture either, but in this calendar I received 24 5ml bottles of polish, glitter and caviar. As you can see there was a multitude of colours. The calendar also came with a small manual and a funnel. Now as you know I only paid £19.99 for this calendar - when it should have been £52. And I think for £19.99 this calendar was well worth it. However I'm unsure whether I would pay full price for it. I have to admit as well, because I have Soooooo MANY nail polishes I don't think I will buy this again next year, but for those of you wanting to increase your nail polish collection, this calendar is very good. The only advice I would give is check out TKMaxx and see if you can find it on the cheap there like I did. Everyone loves a bargain don't they.

Have any of you guys tried these calendars? What did you think? Have I been a bit harsh on the Benefit calendar? it's just £60 is a lot of money. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Stacey x x

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