Sunday, 5 July 2015

Foundation for pale faces

L-R: Urban Decay, Cover FX, Illamasqua skin base, Bare Minerals, Illamasqua powder foundation. 

As I'm sure you know by now I am distinctly lacking in the colour department when it comes to skin tone. And because of this I also struggle in the foundation department. You see even though it rains 90% of the time in the UK and the other 10% of the time its over cast, the foundations on offer do not accommodate pale ladies like my self. So I have had to hunt, and I'm still hunting actually, to find foundations in a whiter shade of pale.

First things first. Here is my face without foundation. Just so you can really appreciate the paleness.

And here are the foundations I have found so far.

Bare Minerals Original SPF15 foundation (powder). £25

I love this foundation. I come back to it time and time again. Its so quick and easy to use, just buff it in and away you go. Its light to medium coverage which I like, and its a pretty good colour for me as long as I don't put too much on. I have it in Fair which is the lightest colour that they do.

Illamasqua Skin Base foundation (liquid). £32

I do not love this foundation, every time I put it on I always look and feel like I have a mask on. Its quoted as 'The Ultimate 'Skin Realism' Foundation' but it always looks fake on me. This is a medium to full coverage foundation and maybe there lies the issue for me, maybe I'm just not a fan of full coverage. Needless to say I wont be buying this again. Its a shame though because this is also quite a good colour for me, even a tad too light *call out the guards, there must have been a terrible mistake* and this isn't even the lightest colour. I have this in the colour 02.

Illamasqua powder foundation (powder). £26

This is a medium to full coverage foundation but I actually use this as a powder over some of my other base products for extra coverage. Its a really good colour for my skin and its nice to use. It will be a really long time before this runs out so I am not sure if I will purchase this again. I have this in 115 which is the lightest shade.

Urban Decay Naked Skin beauty balm (liquid). £9

I also do not love this. I have the travel size in naked medium which is the only colour it comes in. And as you can see from the distinct colour difference between my neck and my chest this is too dark for me. I know its a BB as well so I wasn't expecting full coverage or anything but seriously the coverage on this is really light, and I cant put any more on because... well....the darkness.

Cover FX natural finish oil free foundation (liquid). £34
This is the foundation I use for best. You know when you are going somewhere nice, like a wedding or a meal and you want your skin to be well dressed. Because of this I have only used this foundation a few times and I haven't found the best application for it yet, so I have found it can look a little cakey. But I can't be all that picky when it comes to foundations, so I will be trying different application methods to make this work. I have this in N10 and this is a really good colour on my skin. And due to this fact alone I may try some other foundations from Cover FX in the future. 

Here are the swatches L-R: Illamasqua powder, Bare Minerals, Urban Decay (thick and blended), Illamasqua liquid (thick and blended), Cover FX (thick and blended).

I have blended the liquid foundations out a little so you can get a better idea of how they swatch. As you can see, the Urban Decay foundation is massively too dark for me, so I wont be buying that one again. The others aren't too bad for colour matches but I also wont be buying Illamasqua skin base again, the formulation is just not right for me even though the light colour selection is really good. 

These aren't the only pale foundations that I like. For light coverage I really like the Dr Jart+ Premium BB Beauty Balm which I will be repurchasing from Boots (while it's still there). Boots do a very small range of Dr Jart products and I have been wondering for a while now if they will stop selling these all together. I don't want that to happen because this BB balm is awesome. 

I have also just bought Bare Minerals complexion rescue and I am really excited to try that. 

So I hope this has been helpful to some lovely pale faced people like my self. It can be a hard slog finding light foundations on the UK market, and hopefully I have made it a tad easier for people.

Are there any pale foundation recommendations? I would love to hear them.

Stacey x x  

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