Sunday, 31 May 2015

My first Disney princess tattoo - by Bex Lowe

About a year ago I had the pleasure (and pain) of having the loveliest tattooist I have ever met draw the most amazing picture on my skin that will last forever, and today I would like to share my experience with you.

So once upon a time, in a land not too far away (Manchester), two people went to Tattoo Tea party (a tattoo convention), as they had done for the previous 3 years. There, amongst many other cool tattooists I found Bex Lowe. For the next few months I followed/stalked her on Instagram and fell in love with her work. She uses lots of colour, she does lots of geeky designs and her women's faces are beautiful - I have a thing about beautiful faces in tattoos, I'm a bit particular. 

The next thing to do was contact her. She is based at Royal Owl Tattoo in Nantwich, Cheshire. So I sent the tattoo studio a message on the trusty Facebook. Royal Owl were so quick to get back to me, and were uber efficient and lovely throughout the process. They didn't even make me feel weird when I sent them an essay to tell them about what I wanted my tattoo to be like......complete with pictures. Well it's on you for life, it's got to be right. 

After a Facebook consultation, paying my deposit and booking a date, I found myself in beautiful Nantwich feeling both excited and apprehensive. This was not my first tattoo so I already knew what I was in for, and it wasn't a massage. And to answer the age old question, yes tattoos hurt, some people more than others, but I am somewhat of a baby when it comes to pain. 

On arrival Bex showed me my design in the flesh - she had drawn this up a few days before and sent this to me on Facebook so I could have a look at it before the day (which I think is a brilliant idea). It really put me at ease and made me super excited. Bex then made sure I was happy with the design and size etc. Then she put the stencil on my leg by wetting my leg a little and pressing the drawing on to my leg. The drawing is then carefully peeled off and the transfer is left on the skin. 

Once that was done it was on the bed and off we go. The outline was done first and it actually wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be. Bex is not heavy handed in the slightest which is an absolute god send! Then came the colour, and boy do I love colour! Not necessarily getting it pumped in to my skin by a speeding needle, but Bex made it bearable, fun even! And 5 hours later I was cleaned up and ready to be clingfilmed.

Here is the process in pictures. Top left - the picture Bex sent me a few days before the actual tattoo day. Top right - the transfer on my skin. Bottom left - the tattoo part way through. Bottom right - the tattoo finished. 

The cutest, funnest, most exquisitely beautiful Rapunzel ever, and not forgetting multicoloured Pascal. I absolutely love it. I can't describe how much I love it. Bex is a true artist. But not only that, she is thoroughly lovely, always thinking about the customer, no chip on her shoulder or thinking she is better than the customer. She is just pure loveliness, and in my opinion this is the perfect mixture for truly awesome tattooing. You see I don't want to sit 5 hours in the chair with the best tattooist in the world if that person exudes cockiness and thinks they are better than me. Don't get me wrong, neither do I want to go to a tattooist that is a rubbish artist, no matter how lovely they are. This is why I can not stress enough that before you book a tattoo you need to check out your artists, take stock of recommendations, and expect to pay for the art that an exceptional tattooist puts on your body. And for those of you who like geeky/Disney, colour artwork check Bex out. Seriously she is an amazing artist and a lovely person! I can not thank her enough for the experience and artwork she has bestowed upon me . I will treasure them both forever. And I will also be back for more (I'm thinking Disney princess thigh).

Also cant forget the rest of the peeps at Royal Owl. Every time I have Facebooked these guys I have had such a speedy, professional and lovely reply. They are a credit to the tattoo industry. Massively customer focused (as I believe all customer based professions should be) and they could honestly teach other tattooists a thing or two about this. This is what makes people feel comfortable and return again and again. Thanks guys :0)  

Remember people, tattoos are for life so choose wisely.........and get some colour ;0)

Stacey x x 

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