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Lip crayons

When it comes to makeup, people usually have a 'thing'. A type of product that they love, or maybe a certain area of their face that they like to accentuate; their best features. For me, it's lips, I think my lips are my best feature. I have hooded eyes which are alright but not the best, and I don't have model cheek bones, so they are out, but I do like my lips. They are a nice fullness and a nice shape, so I like to show them off.  And from this comes my love of lip products. I have an array of balms, stains, gloss, pencils, lipsticks, and I'm sure they will all make an appearance at some point on here.

But for now we are talking lip crayons. For those of you that don't know, lip crayons are like if lipstick and Crayola children's crayons had a baby. They are literally lip product in the form of a handy to use crayon. And they are handy! They come in a plastic tube with a twist up bottom, so no need for messy sharpening. And you colour in your lips. So if you aren't very good at colouring within the lines then you might have an issue with these ;0)

In all honesty these are an awesome invention. With a normal lipstick I always feel like I need to apply it with a lip brush, but with these I don't.

I have 6 Revlon lip crayons, 1 from Topshop and 1 Clinique chubby stick.I also have some other crayon esq lip porducts for Urban Decay but if I showed you all of those as well this post would be massive.

And here they are. With some questionable faces but you have to have fun at every opportunity.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain (£7.99) - 010 Darling Cherie. This is a cool tone purple lip balm/stain. Its moisturising and leaves a tint of colour on the lips, as you can see below.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain (£7.99) - 040 Rendezvous. As the one above this is also a balm/stain, moisturising on the lips and leaves a tint of colour, except this tint is orange.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain (£7.99) - 001 Honey Douce.  This also has many of the qualities as the ones above, actually most of the Revlon lip crayons that I have do. Most are moisturising, a tint of colour and a balm/stain. This is more of a red/burgundy colour, but as you can see it's not too dark on my lips.

Revlon Colour Burst lacquer balm (£7.99) - 115 Whimsical Fantaisiste. This has more colour to it than the ones above and it also has a shimmer as well. It's a plum/purple colour and it's good for those days when you want your lips to look a little more dressed.

Revlon Colour Burst lacquer balm (£7.99) - 105 Demure Reservee. This is a neutral pink/peach colour that also has a shimmer. I seriously love this colour. It's super stylish and you can wear it with everything.   

Revlon Colour Burst matte balm (£7.99) - 220 Showy Flamboyante. This is not so moisturising but what can you expect for a matte lip product? It's a lovely hot pink colour that also has a kind of chalky look on the lips. Which I'm sure sounds rubbish, but I actually like. It makes a change to all the moisturising, glossy products on the market.

Topshop Lip Bullet (£8.00) - which I think is in the colour Double Rainbow. This crayon has more of an opaque finish on the lips. It's hot pink again (I am a fan of pink lips) and it has a purple reflex shimmer to it. This crayon is a bleeder so it needs a lip pencil underneath it to try an stop the bleed.

Clinique Chubby Stick (£17.00) - 13 Mighty Mimosa. Super natural colour with a hint, and I mean hint of pink. Also moisturising and lovely feeling on the lips. I wanted to dislike this product so much because it's the most expensive, but no can do I'm afraid. This product is lovely, probably the best of the bunch I would say but at £17 a pop it's not cheap.

And here is a little swatch of them all for you. Just in case you cant see the colours properly on my face.
From left to right: R-040 Rendezvous, R-010 Darling Cherie, R-001 Honey Douce, R-220 Showy Flamboyante, R-105 Demure Reservee, R-115 Whimsical Fantaisiste, C-13 Mighty Mimosa, T- Double Rainbow.

All the lip crayons above are from the good old British high street and cover a few different price points. The Revlon ones you can get at most Boots stores and they are more often than not on some kind of offer (right now they are 3 for 2). If they aren't on offer when you go I would defo come back another time, they are on offer that often, which is amazing in my mind. The Clinique crayon is also from Boots but as we have discussed comes with a hefty price tag. You can also get Clinique from Debenhams, Selfridges, House of Fraser etc. I have never seen Clinique products on a decent offer so the best you will probably be able to get is to pay with your points at Boots or wait for 10% off at Debenhams or another department store. The last one obviously comes from the super cool Topshop. I dont know if Toppers makeup comes on offer ever because I dont go in it that often to know. It's not that I avoid Toppers, it's just that if I am looking for makeup it's not the first place I would go to. Maybe thats more fool me though because my lip crayon was middle of the road price wise and the quality is up there with the others.

So are you a lip crayon convert? I hope so, because these little babies are too cool!
I would love to hear your thoughts on all things lip products. I am always after some new ones to add to my stash.

Stacey x x

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