Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Glossybox - is it worth the price?

This is another of those REALLY OLD blog posts that i have been meaning to share but have never got around to, until now. Today's post is about a little something that cosmetic lovers may enjoy.

May I present to you Glossybox (June and July's).


The concept of Glossybox is pretty simple. You sign up online. Fill out your beauty profile. Pay £13.25 a month. And each month you will receive a box of cosmetic treats. 5 to be precise - but sometimes I have received more (those are very good months). Some of these will be full size, some are trial size, it is just luck of the draw. And it's what I love about it; the surprise. Also because the money just comes out of my account it feels like a present when it comes in the post. Another thing, the packaging is lovely (and I am a bit of a sucker for lovely packaging). They also have a rewards scheme, so if you fill out surveys about the products in your box, you can collect points to pay for your next boxes: 50 points are given for each survey completed and 1000 points gets you a free box. One more bonus, as if you needed anymore, you can cancel and restart this subscription whenever you like.

So let's have a look and see what I have received recently.

So Susan Cosmetics - universal blush, which I think is a full size one (full size costs around £18).

Teeez Trend Cosmetics - beautiful flat stiff brush. I believe this to be full size and cost around €19 (I don't think I would pay that for this brush).

Nip + Fab - CC eye fix, which I believe to be full size and cost around £9.95 (check Boots to see if this is on offer).

Nailgirls - 3-in-1 base/topcoat and nail strengthener. This is not full size, but it isn't far off. Full size I believe is 15ml for around £13.50 and I received a 10ml bottle.

Yohji Yamamoto - femme (fragrance). This is also not full size. Full size I believe is 100ml for around £69 and I received a 10ml bottle.

As you can see June's box yielded some good stuff and if I would have paid for the blusher alone it would have cost more than the cost of the Glossybox. Let's see what July's box holds.

Juice Beauty - green apple spf15 moisturiser. This is not full size. Full size is £37.75 for 50ml and I received a 15ml tube.

Bellapierre Cosmetics LTD - mineral lipstick (in a beautiful red). I think this is a full size product and this retails at approximately £20.

Carmex - lip balm. I also believe this to be a full size product and this retails for around £2.69.

Absolute New York - perfecting eyeshadow primer. I think this is a full size product too. This retails at around £4.99.

Color Club - glossy seal. The last product and guess what! I think this is full size too. This retails for around £8.00.

So lets get down to the nitty gritty. When it comes down to it with cosmetics, like most things in life, the benefits needs to be worth the price. In this case lets have a look at the facts. First the monatary aspect. Glossybox costs £13.25 a month and in June, only counting my full size products i recieved the blusher £18, the make-up brush which I'm going to say is around £18 -you know with the exchange rate and all that, and the eye cream £9.95. And the full size products in the July box? The lipstick £20, the lip balm £2.69, eyeshadow primer £4.99 and the nail polish £8.

The calculations

June: 18+18+9.95 - 13.25 = 32.70
July: 20+2.69+4.99+8 - 13.25 = 22.43

I think the calculations speak for themselves, however its not just about cost, what needs to be considered is if the products are going to be used. Now you known by now that i LOVE may like cosmetics a little bit, but to make Glossybox worth its price i have to think to myself 'am i going to use these products?'.

Question! Errm Am i going to use these products?

Blusher ü
Make-up brush ü
Eye cream ü
Base/top coat ü
Perfume ü
Moisturiser ü
Lipstick ü
Lip balm ü
Eyeshadow primer (maybe not)
Nail polish ü

9/10 is not too bad in my book. And so i come to the conclusion. Could i have just told you that Glassybox is worth the price? Yes i could. But we wouldn't have had this lovely conversation!

What do you think about Glossybox? Have you got something similar in the big wide world? Or is there something similar in the UK that i am missing?

Stacey x x

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