Sunday, 28 June 2015

Primark cosmetics bags

This is just a quick post to say that if you are going on your hols or just fancy updating your cosmetic transportation, take a trip down to Primark, you might be pleasantly surprised. In the Manchester Primark, which as you would imagine is a fair sized store, they have a whole section dedicated to cosmetic bags. I mean WOW. They have little ones, big ones, patterned ones, plain ones. Loads. And the price? What you would expect from Primani, cheap and cheap. The ones in the pic above were £4 for all of them (pack of 3), bargain. A word of warning. don't be expecting Ted Baker quality here, because if you want Ted Baker quality you need to be paying Ted Baker price, that's just how it works. But if you are looking for a quick, cheap update, then come-on-down and take a peek. Not on a Saturday though, seriously that shop is manic on a Saturday and I would be worried for your safety. I have actually found that the best time to attend Manchester Primark is between 8-9am. The store is dead and everything is in it's correct place, it's heaven.

(oh just to let you know as well, I am not sure if these are a seasonal thing. So my advice would be to get them while you can).

See you there.

Stacey x x

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