Friday, 29 March 2013

Mini Egg Nails.

Hi guys, so as Easter is, well........Here!, I thought I would do some themed nail art for you. After all everyone likes a bit of fun don’t they, and everyone likes Mini Eggs! Well why wouldn’t you? Tasty morsels of chocolate, wrapped in a crispy shell. Mmmmmmmm

And here they are.

*A little disclaimer about these pictures. Hubby did take pics of the Mini Egg nails last week (when they were looking their best), but lost them. So here are pictures from one week later, looking a bit worse for wear and grown out (my nails grow quite fast). So I am sorry for the poor quality, and hope you still like them. Also you get to see my Hello Kitty egg now, so that's a bonus! Thank you M-I-L.*

Hubby ever so kindly took a picture of the products I used to achieve this creation. And I also used some new products so you have a little review as well.

The products used, from left to right are:
Bourjois Paris So Perfect Base Correctrice
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint, Prickly Pear 308
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint, Blueberry 307
Models Own nail polish, Lemon Meringue NP030
Illamasqua Nail Varnish, Loella
Models Own Nail Art Pen, White
Models Own Nail Art Pen, Black
O.P.I RapidDry TopCoat.

And how did I do this? Well it will be pretty explanatory for those nail art geniuses but for those who would like to know a little How To, here it is:

I used the base coat all over the nails first. I then applied the Barry M Gelly’s to alternate nails, two coats. Using both the Models Own and Illamasqua polishes I painted on the little egg shapes. I just used the brushes that are attached to the nail polishes, no specific arty paint brush or anything. I then used the Models Own nail art pens (the pen nib part) to do the dots. I used the Mini Eggs packet for reference on where abouts the dots were on the eggs, using the white dots to try and give a 3D feel (not sure how much that worked lol). And finally the top coat on all nails, but only when the polish was dry (you do not want all your hard work smudging!)

So now on to the review. Six out of the eight products used in this nail creation are actually new purchases, and three of which were bought specifically for this look. These are: Models Own nail polish, Lemon Meringue NP030, and Models Own Nail Art Pen White and Black. As well as: Bourjois Paris So Perfect Base Correctrice, Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint, Prickly Pear 308, and Blueberry 307, which all are new….just because.

Bourjois Paris So Perfect Base Correctrice.

I purchased this base coat because I thought it would be nice to try something a little cheaper than my average Nails Inc or O.P.I base coat. I suppose it was kind of a test to see the difference between my higher end products and what could be classed as a high street product. And I have to admit it stood up to the competition pretty well. It applied just like my other base coats and I haven’t had any chipping. Perfect Base Correctrice retails at ASOS for £5.99 which is not a bad buy at all.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint, Prickly Pear 308 and Blueberry 307.

Barry M, the funky cosmetics company (although Models Own are giving it a run for its money now) have brought out a new line of nail polishes called Gelly. Apparently they give “an extra glossy finish in just one coat”. I didn’t notice that they were any ‘extra glossy’ than any other polish but they were not bad. I definitely needed two coats of each of these colours because they were STREAKY with just one. But after the second coat they looked really nice. And at just £3.99 at Boots (sometimes on 3 for 2 as well) they are pretty good value for money.

Models Own nail polish, Lemon Meringue NP030.

Models Own Nail products were actually on 3 for 2 at Boots when I bought these goodies so Yay for being super cheap! Also I have only used this nail polish for the little eggs as of yet, so I am unsure how it will perform on a full nail. But from what I have seen so far, I like. Models Own nail polish retails at £5 a pot, which as you can see is just a little dearer than Barry M, but half the price of a high end brand like Nails Inc.

Models Own Nail Art Pen, White and Black.

I already have some random Ebay nail art pens in my collection and they are pretty rubbish, so I wanted to buy some really good ones to replace them. I have had previous experience with Models Own Nail Art Pen's when I had my nails arted at WAH Nails in London, so I hoped they would be good. And I can tell you, they did not disappoint. At £6 a go (also at Boots), these nail art pens aren't as cheap as you can get them, let's say on Ebay, but in this case cheaper isn't always better. Also on 3 for 2, and with your Boots points adding up they are getting more value for money as we speak!

So all that left for me to do now is wish you a wonderful Easter, happy times with your family and friends, and a mountain of chocolate to gorge upon.

Stacey x x

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