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Hi guys, for those of you who don't know, I am a subscriber to the surprise gift box company Glossybox. For £12.95 subscribers receive five products in a beautifully packaged box each month. These products can be either tester size or full products, it is luck of the draw and it is pretty exciting! It's like getting a present, but one which I pay for. All you have to do is sign up, complete a profile, so they know what you like, and eagerly await the postman. As well as all of this it is spectacular value for money, which you will see below.

I have two Glossyboxes to show you today, the Christmas box and January's edition. I think I'll start with the Christmas box because that makes orderly sense.

In this box I actually received seven, SEVEN, products (see the value for money?!). But I am assuming that this was not the amount that everyone else received. You see what happened was, the month before Glossybox sent me an exact same product that I had tried before (in a previous box). At the time I didn't give this mistake a second thought. I just thought that they had this same product again. However a short time after receiving that box, Glossybox sent me an email apologising for their mistake and advising me that they would be putting an extra product in my next box. So that means that instead of the seven products that I received, the rest of the subscribers will probably have received six. SIX products! Still a big wow if you ask me.

Rituals Magic Touch, Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk ultra rich, whipped body cream.

This moisturiser smells lovely and feels even better. With it's whipped consistency I found it quite luxurious, whilst at the same time sinking in to the skin really quickly. This product retails at £5 for 70ml and although I like it I probably would not buy it again. I wouldn't say it was a particularly high price for this product as the quality was definitely there, it's just that there are other quality body products that are more readily available. I received full size product in this Glossybox.

Milk Shake, conditioning whipped cream.

Milk Shake conditioning whipped cream is a mousse leave-in conditioner which smells distinctly like it's name sake. The directions are to use on damp hair and then style, which is exactly what I did and it was really nice. I don't think this will be taking a place in my hair routine for good but while I have it I will be using it up. At £14.79 for a 200ml bottle I would say this falls in to the salon price range, and I received a 100ml bottle of it.

Seche, nail lacquer in Contemporary.

This nail polish was actually quite nice. I would say it is a mauve type colour which is lovely for those winter months. It went on smooth and was opaque in one coat (but I did use two coats as usual, just habit I suppose). The only bad thing about it was that I felt that the brush was a little skinny. This meant that I had to do more strokes to cover the nail, and more strokes means more work, and I can't be having that. This polish retails at £9.95 (I received a full size bottle) and although I wouldn't be adverse to trying some more from this range, I won't be rushing out to buy any. It's not that this polish is bad, it's just that I like my Nails Inc for funky colours and OPI for classic, and I don't believe it trumps either of them.

Anatomicals, what a complete and utter glosser, I never fake strawberry milkshake, fruity lip gloss tube.

I have to admit I am not enamored with this product. I am not a lip gloss fan anyway, but this to me has the taste and feel of a really cheap, teenage lip gloss. It's quite sticky, it feels heavy and smells sickly sweet. I will not be buying, or in fact using this product. A 10ml tube of this gloss costs £3.49 and I was sent a full one.

Kryolan for Glossybox Blusher, Glossy Rosewood.

This blusher is lovely, and just what I would expect from the make-up power house that is Kryolan. It's a light, cool pink that really perks up my pale skin, and easily blandable too. Love it! There was no price attached to this blusher but I received a 2.5g pot, and dependent upon price, would buy again.

Sleek MakeUP, i-Divine ultra mattes V2 Darks Palette.

Now this is not my first jaunt in to the colourful and affordable world of Sleek Make-up. I have in my possession a few of their eye shadow palettes already and I really like them. At £7.99 for 12 eye shadows at 1.1g each I think these are fabulous value for money. To put this in to perspective a normal eye shadow from MAC is 1.5g and is £12. Now I am in no way saying that there is no place for MAC within the beauty industry or in fact within my kit. I am merely exposing you to what's on offer at the lower end of the market, and believe me there's some good stuff out there, all you have to do is look. However, I digress. Back to the palette in question, this is an exclusively matte palette with a good span of the colour spectrum. It has one grey, one black, three nudes, two browns, one brown/purple, two purples and two greens. And this will certainly be going in my make-up kit. I got a full size one of these as well!! Can you believe it?.

Dr. Jart+, Water Fuse Beauty Balm.

Just like it's brother, Dr Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm Cream, is amazing. I am currently using these in place of foundation. You can see a review of the other Dr Jart product that I own here.

The next box is the January Detox Box which also contains no less than six products! Glossybox explains that, as the holiday season is all about over indulgence this box has been filled with products to hide the remnants of this time.

Lacoste, Eau De Lacoste.

When I sprayed this perfume my first thoughts were 'It's fun and lively and definitely reminds me of summer time'. However once on my skin it really didn't smell very nice. Just goes to show that you need to try on perfume before you buy. Unfortunately I wont be buying this scent but I am sure it would be lovely on some people. This retails at £33 for 30mls and I received a 2ml tester.

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden, Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask.

This is really nice! Part of a new skin care range from Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden, this product comprises of the Peptide Transformation Serum and the Thermal Rose Clay Mask. First the Peptide Transformation Serum is smoothed over the face and neck, then the Thermal Rose Clay Mask is massaged over the skin. Then relax for 15 mins and voil√†, beautiful skin! A full size Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask is £27.50 and includes a 50ml serum and a 75ml mask. I only receive one sachet each of these in my Glossybox, but just from that small tester (one use) I would definitely buy this (and when I do you can have a full review).

Murad, Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for eyes.

This product is an eye cream which is used both below the brow bone and under the eye area. It is to be used every other day and has a lovely consistency. However it also comes with a very hefty price tag. £57 for a 15ml tub, I think that's even too much for me. If you have the monies though this is a pretty nice product. I received a tiny tester pot.

BM Beauty, Finishing Powder Dewy Perfection.

I have to be honest I have not tried this product, nor have I the inclination to. The two BM Beauty products that I have received in Glossyboxes have come in really tiny pots, which I have found a bit of a nightmare to use. However, the product might be lovely and at £8 for a 4g pot, it's not too pricey. I received a 1g pot in this Glossybox.

Monu, Instant Radiance Micro Exfoliant.

As the name sounds, this is a scrub with tiny particles. It has a zesty scent and feels really nice on the skin. It doesn't scrape the skin as some scrubs do, but you can definitely feel it working. This is the second product I have used from Monu and I have liked both. This retails at £14.50 for 100ml and I received a 30ml bottle. Would I buy this product? Probably not, but it's nice to use now.

Glossy dreams, sleep/eye mask.

This was the bonus product in this Glossybox, a pink and black eye mask. Even though this eye mask feels quite nice and silky, I am probably not going to us it. This is because I have issues with things being over my eyes. I am a little weird sometimes lol. When I am having my eye lashes tinted, or anything really that I have to keep my eyes closed for, makes me feel uncomfortable. Also I could sleep on a washing line, so I have no use for this anyway. But everyone loves a free gift, and I am sure it will be useful for someone.

So here they are, two lots of Glossyboxes. I have another two in the pipeline that I have not opened yet, so I may do another two in one post like this for those as well.

I hope you have enjoyed, and I will be posting again soon.

Stacey x x

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