Sunday, 14 April 2013

Oh la la, La Senza!

A few weeks ago I was feeling the need for some new PJ's, and not just the normal fluffy Primark kind that Hubby calls 'Telly Tubby' pyjamas. I was in the mood for more Spring time bedtime attire. You know, not crazy sexy, but not Telly Tubby esque either. I was also in the mood for an exceptional shopping experience, and where better for this than La Senza?

I LOVE La Senza. I hadn't been in a while and had actually forgotten how much I love it (it's a lot)!. The shop layout is lovely and the customer service is exceptional! Those that have frequented this shop know that it is not the cheapest. I mean it's not Agent Provocater or anything, and you wont have to re-mortgage but it's definitely best to go in the sale, and I did just that.

In the sale I bought two pairs of PJ's and and three pairs of knickers totalling at £33.00. Which is not that bad seeing as the purple PJ's would have cost me £30 on their own if they were full price.

And here they are. My self and Hubby (the photographer) have done some close ups for your perusal, and some of me actually wearing the items. No need to worry though, they are all done in the best possible taste ;0).

So here's a run down of the prices. The pink PJ top was £7.50 as were the pink shorts. The purple PJ top was also £7.50 and the shorts were £4.50. And last but not least, the three pairs of knickers were £2.00 each. I have to admit, there wasn't a lot in the sale. It isn't the kind of place where the sale rail takes up half of the shop and things are in a mangled heap on the floor. But what I would say is, if there isn't your size out on the shop floor, ask a member of staff, you maybe lucky to find that they check the stock room for you, like the wonderful girl that served me did.

The all important question. Will I be shopping at La Senza again? Will I ever! (but in the sale. Bargains are the way forward).

Stacey x x

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