Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bumble and Bumble

Hi guys today I have a review for you of two Bumble and Bumble products. Now what do I know about Bumble and Bumble? Well apart from being really expensive, and I mean gasp out loud expensive, they are an American, luxury hair care brand, with a substantial hair lover following. However when I saw them in Boots a few weeks ago all I thought was, these look nice and I've heard of them so I'll give them a try.

And here they are. Bb Curl Concious Smoothing Shampoo (for Hubby) and Bb Shine on (and on) (for me).

For those of you that don't know, Hubby has curly hair. Actually he has what could be described as A Mass of curly hair, or even a slight afro. And because of these unruly curls (and not because he's vain or anything) he really likes to look after his hair. So I thought, being the attentive and loving wife that I am, that he would like a hair care gift, and I wasn't wrong. So here it is, Hubby's first product review.

“Bb Curl Concious Smoothing Shampoo is a creamy shampoo that doesn't leave my hair as dry as other shampoos. Normally I would have to condition my hair every day, but some times I can get away with not conditioning with this shampoo. I would say that compared to the other salon quality products that I have tried, this product is slightly better. Even though this is a pricey product I am not put off by the price tag, and would like to try the conditioner first to decide if this is something I will use all the time”. Bb Curl Concious Smoothing Shampoo is £18.50 for a 250ml bottle.

And as for me. I have fine, limp hair that needs a bit of shine, and because I was fresh out of my normal shine spray I thought I would try Bb Shine on (and on). Now I did have a chat with the girl on the counter before I purchased this product, and she advised me that for my hair type I would only need one spray of this product, otherwise it would weigh my hair down. Surprisingly enough this has taken a lot to get used to. One spray of anything is never enough in my eyes! Bb Shine on (and on) is £9.50 for a 60ml (travel size) bottle and although it was nice, it won't be taking the place of my usual shine spray. It just wasn't as good as the product I normally use, and it was expensive to boot!

So here you have it, same brand, two different reviews. Just goes to show, different strokes for different folks.

Hope you've enjoyed.

Stacey x x

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