Sunday, 26 April 2015

Beautiful skin (wedding skin) - Pre products

Good looking skin for me is a must. I spend time and a good portion of my wage on making my skin look good. And by good I mean clear of blemishes, line and wrinkle free, plumped and hydrated and luminous and well rested. My personal goal is to stay looking young for as long as possible - Peter Pan style. With this in mind I thought a static section of my blog all about making/helping skin to look good would hopefully be beneficial to you guys. I also thought this would be helpful for those special occasions, weddings included, where you want to look your very best. And I am secretly hoping that once you enhance your skin care routine you will become a convert, because I believe that everyone deserves beautiful skin.

So lets begin with pre-products. 'They' say (I know, I am unsure of who 'they' are as well) that you are what you eat. Well i have never turned in to a packet of M&Ms, but I do have to admit that when I eat rubbish it definitely shows. I get spots and my skin looks generally rough. So its safe to say that if you eat healthy nutritious food, your skin, hair, body as a whole is going to look better. Not to mention the fact that you will have more energy and actually be healthier medically. I know I can rant to you until the cows come home about this subject and you will listen dutifully, and then go off and have a big dirty burger. And the reason I know this is because if I really want a dirty burger (Im talking Almost Famous style) I will bloody well have one. However I am not ashamed to say that I do try to limit my self when it comes to 'bad' food because I am a tad vain.

And we are not just talking food in this post ladies and gents, we are talking drink as well. If you want lovely hydrated skin you have to hydrate from the inside out, and I don't mean with Pina Coladas and Jagerbombs! I mean with water, good, old, boring water. Its so good for you its untrue.

So thats your food and drink sorted. What else have we got?

Exercise. We all its good for us but do we do enough of it? Get that blood pumping round your body. Blitz those double chins and bingo wings. Im not talking super skinny or super buff, although I wouldn't say no to the latter ;0) I am just talking a bit of healthy exercise. Walking the dog is enough right? ............. Right?

And then we get on to the things we can't see. The emotional aggressors. Stress. Stressing out. Bottling up stress. Sleepless nights, caused by stress. Actually sleepless nights in general are going to make your skin look terrible. So how are we going to combat this? I know you can't stop stressing completely (heaven knows Ive tried), but you can try to get in a little more time for your self. Have a relaxing bath, get your self a sleep balm, do some exercise, watch TV, play on your computer, just have some YOU relaxation time. And, you know, if you do some skin care during this relaxation time you will make me very happy.

So there you are. Your pre-cosmetic tips for better looking skin:

*Eating dirty burgers all the time

*Living the couch potato life style

*Downing jagerbombs at every opportunity

*Being Captain Super-stress

all = *sad face* literally, in all respects. And who wants a sad face? Not me, I need an immobile face to stop those pesky wrinkles lol.

Stacey x x

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