Saturday, 9 May 2015

Beautiful skin - Advanced products

So you've got your basics down and you are looking to up your skin care game, well don't worry I have got you covered. This section includes your scrubs, masks and night creams.
Night creams follow on quite nicely from your basic skin care routine because its just like your day time moisturiser only you use it at night. While you are asleep I am a firm believer that your body rejuvenates, including your skin. And while your skin is already rejuvenating why not help it along a little. It's like a wonderful surprise to wake up in the morning and instead of looking like an old crone you could look like Cinderella (when she's at the ball of course, not when she's scrubbing the pantry). Some thing to remember as well, it doesn't have to specifically be called night cream for you to use it at night. I use all different kinds of moisturisers at night, firming ones, brightening ones, hydrating ones. The only ones I don't use at night are ones with SPF in, because unless you sleep on a sun bed (and I hate sun beds!) then you really don't need an SPF at night.

Scrubs/exfoliaters are used to slough away the dead skin cells, revealing soft, smooth, new skin below. There are two types of scrub/exfoliaters, ones with scrubby particles (remember the environment) and ones that dissolve dead skin cells using either chemicals or plant derivatives. Which one you choose is up to you as they both result in the same effect. Scrubs/exfoliaters can be used daily, weekly, biweekly depending again on which one you choose, just remember to read the label.

And finally for this section we have masks. You can get masks for every skin type and every skin complaint. There are so many its unbelievable. I love it. You can get masks for deep cleansing, moisturising, toning, brightening, anti-ageing. You can get masks that set, heat up, gel masks, material masks. OMG SOOOOOO MANY. It's ace. They range from super cheap to extravagantly expensive and you can get them in so many different places. So get your self down to your chemist, your cosmetic shop, your department store, even your supermarket, and have a peruse through the multitude of products that you find there. I know you will find something that suits you. And then get yourself right back home and have a lovely bath to try it out. Of course if you don't have time for a bath slap, it on while you are making tea, or doing the dishes or the hoovering. Just maybe don't answer the door in it, you don't want to give the postman a heart attack.

I hope this post has convinced you to reach a little bit further for beautiful skin. Im sure there are some people in this world that have beautiful skin without products, nope, its not true, I'm not having it, people still need to clean their face. Also I told you about my Peter Pan theory. I can't be leaving that to chance.

Stacey x x

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