Saturday, 2 May 2015

Beautiful skin - Basic products

This is part 2 of the Beautiful skin series (or part 1 if you count the first as the prequel, which I'm not doing, just to let you know), and just as a side note it sounds like I'm an author and I am writing a series of books called Beautiful skin, which I'm not doing either, just to let you know. And back to the point - This is part 2 of the Beautiful skin series and this post is about your bread and butter products. In my opinion this is what everyone should be using on a daily basis, and if you skin is not looking good and you are not using these products then shame on you ;0)
I am sure you can all guess which products I'm referring to here, yep your cleansers, toners and moisturisers. These 3 products work in synergy with each other and they are pretty self explanatory.

Cleansers - clean out all the dirt, grim and excess oil that accumulates on your skin (detailed explanations will be coming soon).

Toners - rebalance the PH level of your skin as well as remove any left over traces of cleanser (do not skip this part, its as important as the rest).

Moisturisers - add moisture to the skin as well as a whole host of other benefits depending which moisturiser you choose.

*Remember even oily skins need to get their moisturiser on! There are a plethora of different products on the market now so there is NO EXCUSE not to moisturise.

Thats it for your basics. Your basic routine should take around 5 mins to do. Always cleanse, tone and moisturise in a morning, and if you can muster the energy, at night too. However if you wear makeup in the day you have to - I can't stress this enough - YOU HAVE TO take this off at night. It doesn't matter what it says on the makeup bottle it will clog your skin, and clogged skin is NEVER going to look good. I read in a magazine somewhere that you should spend as much time taking off your makeup as you do putting it on. Words of wisdom I think.

So for those of you that currently don't do the basics when it comes to skin care, all I am asking for is 5 mins a day, ladies and gents I am sure you can find this tiny amount of time to show your skin some love. For those of you that already have the basics down, keep up the good work!

Just a foot note which maybe should have been at the beginning of this post. Gents, skin care isn't just for women. Its not just a lady thing. People won't think you are weird or a sissy if you go in to Boots and buy some skin care. Your Missus would probably prefer it if you looked after your skin a bit, I mean she's the one that's got to look at your face all the time. Im not asking you to crack open the nail polish or put some lippy on (I mean if you want to do that remember to buy your own, your Missus will probably not be happy if you use hers) I'm just asking you to keep you face clean and your skin in good condition. After all why should it just be down to the ladies to make an effort.

Stacey x x

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