Thursday, 19 February 2015

American makeup haul

Is 'haul' the word I should be useing for this? Maybe the word 'spree' would be better. Although it's a bit of a girly word so I'm not sure my husband would like it, and he was the one that did the shopping for this post so I suppose his opinion matters - a little.

So let's begin at the beginning, where every good story should start. Once upon a time, a fair maiden had to stay at home while her prince went to America. As you would imagin the fair maiden thought that sucked, so she decided to go to Spain with her mum. Well if her prince was having a holiday (he went for work) then she was too!

During Hubby's (work) holiday he did a lovely thing and went shopping in Sephora for me. Now this was meant to be an entirely different post. You see I had given Hubby $80 to buy me some drug store makeup. However he never found a drug store so instead I received $220 of Sephora goodies. Which is infanately better of course. 

Credit where credit is due, my husband is VERY good at buying makeup - gifts in general actually. And when he came home and showed me what he had bought each product came with a reason for why he had bought them. His whole idea was to get me products that bloggers were useing. 

And here are my products, complete with rational.

So I received 4 nail polishes from Formula X - lightening, highlighter, spark and magma. Hubby bought these because they were sparkly and colourful (which I love) and they had a fancy display.

I also got a Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita. Hubby got me this so I could recreate the Kylie Jenner lip, which is totally trendy so I'm told ;0) 

Next is the Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel and Hubby picked this because it was a brand name that I had mentioned and he hadn't seen anything like this before. 

Another Anastasia Beverly Hills product, the Tamanna eye shadow palette. Hubby decided on this because, as above, it was a brand name I had mentioned, and it's a palette and hubby knows I like palettes - he is not wrong. 

The next one was the most expensive. This is a Make Up For Ever 122 makeup brush. Hubby chose this because the girl in the store explained that it was what all the professionals were useing and its a 
Large foundation brush that gives a lightweight, airbrush effect, and he thought I would use this brush more than the others. 

And the last one, Becca shimmering skin perfector in Opal. Hubby bought me this because it's apparently one of the most popular products at the moment, and I must say I'm excited about it! 

So that's the lot and it really is a lot, especially when you are expecting something slightly less extravagent. Keep on the look out for some reviews of these amazing products. I'm sure some will be coming your way.

Stacey x x

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