Sunday, 20 July 2014

MCM Comic Con

Hi guys yesterday I donned my My Little Pony jumper and hand made Pacman ghosts headband and hot-footed it down to Manchester Central (formally GMEX) for MCM Comic Con to get my geek on. For those that maybe aren't as geeky as moi, Comic Con is a convention like the Ideal Home show or Tatton Flower show, but instead of showcasing beautiful homes or gardens, it show cases movies, video games, comics and some seriously cool outfits.

Like this lovely lady dressed as Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck it Ralph. She was behind us in the queue and utterly lovely. Also awesome outfit! 

So at around 11am we arrived at Manchester Central and was greeted with a sight that I can only describe as truly amazing. I can't tell you how excited I was. To my right hand side there was a huge TV screen playing trailers of new movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. To my left there was, what I thought was a massive queue (oh how I was wrong) and all around there were people dressed in the most amazing costumes (known as Cosplay). We spotted someone dressed as the old man from Up, complete with balloons and walking stick with tennis balls on the bottom. We saw a super cool security dude dressed all in black with helmet and guns patrolling the crowd. Throughout the day we also saw a cyborg, Thor, Daenerys Targaryen, Poisen Ivy, Batman, Harlequin, some sexy nuns (random), and the list goes on. I have to admit while I stood outside, soaking up the atmosphere, and getting soaked in the rain, I came to the conclusion that, these were, in fact My People. These people that love quirky things, have spent hours making their outfits and are not afraid to wear them in the centre of Manchester, people that love fantasy, movies and comics. I imagine that this is what it feels like at a football match when you are a fan, or at a festival when you love the music. It was the best feeling. 

However that feeling nearly died when we tried to get in later on. You see I made the school boy error of not pre-booking tickets. This is my first Comic Con and I stupidly thought I would be able to nip in at 11am, when the doors opened and buy us some tickets, and then when my husband and other friend met us later we could just go in. And then that idea changed when we saw the queue. I then thought that we would buy our tickets and go straight in later, when the rest of the gang got there. That also did not go to plan, because when we went back later we realised that what we saw earlier was only a small part of the actual queue. The actual queue was hidden behind the building, out of sight from our little gang. So we were virtually skipping along (maybe that was just me) thinking that the queue at the front had disappeared so we would be straight in. That was until we saw all the people at the back. This is the queue I like to think of as the breaker of hearts. It was then that half of our group decided to go to the pub instead, but me and hubby soldiered on and lined up, for an hour and 40 mins. Frustrated doesn't even come close. However it made up for it when we actually got in. For starters they let us in for free, and who doesn't love free. And for seconds it was awesome. Stalls everywhere, people looking super cool everywhere and Robot Wars had been on earlier in the day ( I'm not a fan of Robot Wars, but I'm sure some people like it). I am also sure that it would have been even better if I had got in earlier in the day. 

I did come away with some really cool stuff from the convention as well..... Well I think it's cool but, you know...... I'm a geek.

Rainbow Dash is currently enjoying pride of place next to the TV. And I can't wait to wear my new bow hair clips from Louby Kapow (who, by the way, was absolutely lovely when I visited her stall..... and she gives out lollies in her carier bags too).

Can't go to Comic Con and not buy comics!

This was me before the 'breaker of hearts queue'. Some may say a little too excited! 

And this was me when we got home. The make up may have stood up to the rigours of the day pretty well, however me, not so much. I was knackered. 

This is my handmade headband made by Puffy The Slayer, and earrings from Cosmic Kick. Both can be found on Etsy, as can Louby Kapow, above. 

Over all I can safely say my day was truly amazing, even with the crazy queuing. However I have learnt a valuable lesson, Comic Con = pre-booked tickets! And also take more pictures, there were so many things to see. 

Have any of you guys been to Comic Con? Have you seen any cool cosplay? I would love to read your thoughts on all Geekery. 

Stacey x x

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