Sunday, 13 July 2014

Perminant turquoise and pink hair

Hi guys so I have had a small, hardly noticeable hair change that I would like to share with you. Ok so maybe it is a bit noticeable! You see, before I had my hair done I was mostly blonde.

And now look!

As you can see I am now turquoise and pink and very much back to my normal self.

*note: I do apologise for my not so pretty face. I always think I will put make up on when I get my hair done and never do.*

I like to be a little bit crazy when it comes to hair and generally I love colour, so this seems to all come out when I step in to my hair dressers. It does help that my hair dresser is AMAZING at creative colouring......... and bloody lovely to-boot!

I have been having my hair done by the lovely Stuart for a few years now and I can not imagine going anywhere else. The salon is so friendly, everyone has a chat and a laugh. I have been to other salons before where I have felt really uncomfortable, like everyone is judging you. There is none of that here, to be honest I don't think Stuart would allow it.

Also the massive pro about having my colour with Stuart is that it is PERMANENT! Yes you read that right. For those of you who haven't tried to dye your hair crazy colours you may be thinking I'm a little crazy for getting excited about permanent hair colours, I mean haven't they been around for eternity?! Not for these types of colours they haven't. In the past I have had to top my hair up with colour every 2-3 weeks at home, just to ensure my colour stays vibrant (and I tell you I was seriously considering buying a black bath at the time, because it stains). But that is now a thing of the past. I don't need to worry about scrubbing my bath for hours, just so that it doesn't look like I did something untoward in it (the reds and purples are the worst). I don't need to worry that I forgot to put my rubber gloves on and I am going to look like I am wearing gloves constantly for a week. I don't need to worry that I may get stuck in a down pour without my brolly and actually look like a smurf in the face  (I'm not sure if that would happen, but it's was a worry none the less). Now with the expertise of Stuart, some bleach and the trusty Goldwell Elumen (the colour brand) the only thing I have to think about is what colour I am going to go next.

Stacey x x

Just in case any of you live within the area and fancy some crazy colour, or just some all round fab
hair styling Stuart and of course the lovely Liz can be found at Kokino hair salon in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Check out their Facebook page here 

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