Saturday, 14 February 2015

Flormar nail polish

Today is the start of something a little different. Out there on the big wide interwebs there are thousands upon thousands of beauty blogs, some of them I read, some of them I have not had the pleasure of finding yet. But what I have noticed (when searching for reviews my self) is that the most well known brands have A LOT of reviews. They are REVIEWED! It's safe to say they are well and truly covered in the blogging review stakes. So in light of this revaluation I am going to work on reviewing some cosmetics that I hope will be a little bit different. Don't get me wrong I'm not completely moving away from the favourites, I mean I am currently obsessing over some of the Benefit gifts, and I'm sure you will all get to know about them, however  I am going to be reviewing some cosmetics that may be slightly less well known.

So to kick this off today I will be reviewing two nail polishes from the Italian/Turkish brand Flormar. This cosmetics brand began in Italy in the 1970s and moved all it's production over to Turkey in 1972. This brand professes it's products to be high quality at budget prices, and let's be honest, who doesn't want that? 

These two nail polishes were bought on a jolly-hen-do-holiday to Benedorm (Spain) two November's ago - your right this post has been a long time coming. Flormar actually has a stand alone store on the main shopping street in the Old Town of Benedorm, which I could not resist having a peek in. 

I have Flormar Black Dot BD04 and Flormar 392. These polishes don't have names, only numbers. BD04 is a blue polish with black hexes and dots suspended in it. It reminds me of the Illamasqua Speckeled nail polish, but a whole lot cheaper (I think these polishes cost just under 3€ in Spain). 392 is a silver based polish with hollographic sparkles. 

Both these polishes go on lovely. I am a two coat girl, so I can't comment on if these polishes would be ok with just one application (i would expect polishes made up of mostly sparkle or glitter to need 3 coats to get them completely opaque). I really like both the colours and effects of these polishes and for under 3€ they are an absolute bargain! The only issue I have with them is they have a tendency to peal sometimes. Now I'm not talking about chipping, because as we know all nail polishes can do that. I'm talking about the nail polish actually pealing off my nail. This hasn't happened every time I have worn them so maybe it's when something has had an effect on them (too much polish used, it doesn't like cleaning products, or it doesn't like the base and topcoat I have used maybe etc).  Don't get me wrong these are not the quality of your high end brands, OPI, Nails inc etc but they also don't have their price tags. 

The all important question. Would I reccomend these nail polishes? Yes I would. €3 is a bargain for a nail polish that isn't gloopy or water thin. Would I pay any more for them? I might go up to €4 but it would upset me knowing I got these for €3. 

So there you have it, a review of something a little different, I hope you liked it. 

Do any of you buy your cosmetics abroad? Are there any places I need to be looking for mine? I don't want to be missing a trick. 

Stacey x x 

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