Sunday, 1 February 2015

Does skin colouring matter with crazy coloured hair?

I was in the hair dressers the other day, or the place where colourful hair dreams come true - as I like to call it. And while i was in there I was discussing this very same topic with my hair dresser. He believes that when it come to crazy hair colours, skin colouring doesn't matter. Ahhhh he's an idealist, and that's what I love about him. But unfortunately (for me at the moment) I don't think he's right.

I actually think that skin colouring may be even more important with creative coloured hair than with more natural looks. You see I want my hair to be colourful and bright and bold, and yes a little bit different. But I also want it to look part of me. I want it to set off my features. I want it to make me look pretty - well as much as a hair style can do. But as with everything there are some colours that just don't suit me, and I'm slowly discovering what they are. 

The first (that I liked at the time and look back on now with a shake of the head) is the orange hair.

I mean look at my skin tone! What was I thinking! *shakes head*

Then there was the Green and purple.

I like the purple don't get me wrong, although this shade might be a bit too dark for me. But it's the green that's the issue. It just makes me look rough. I mean some days I do look rough generally, but this makes me look ROUGH!

So what's a girl to do? Or a boy for that matter - I'm sure some of you fellas like to get your colour on too. Well what I'm going to do is carry on colouring my hair, avoid green and orange LIKE THE PLAGUE! And hope that there arn't anymore colours of the rainbow that look terrible on me. Because, ladies and gents, who doesn't love rainbow hair!

What do you think? Do you think skin colouring matters when it comes to creative hair colouring? Or do you think all the rules get thrown out the window? I would love to hear your thoughts, maybe see a few pictures of your creatively coloured hair. (Leave me a link in the comments)

Stacey x x 

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