Sunday, 29 March 2015

Face and body scrubs = bad for the environment

I am on a mission, to save the environment like a cosmetics collecting Captain Planet.
And it's the plight of the fishes that my mission is focused on at the moment. You see some face and body scrubs have plastics in them (the little scrubby beads) instead of natural products like sugar or sea salt. And these plastic stubby beads get flushed down the drain and.......well I will let my husband explain it to you.

'The plankton eat the plastic beads, the fish eat the plankton and then we eat the fish'

It's circle of life stuff, like The Lion King. So as it happens not only are we polluting the environment in an attempt to make our skin baby soft, we are also polluting ourselves. And I don't know about you but I'm not sure that ingesting plastic is going to make my skin look good, which is the whole point of exfoliating really, isn't it?

So I Googled this to check it out a little bit more and I found this website that explains it all. 

The article posted on Fauna & Flora International's website states that this is a 'global problem', but non the less a problem that can be stopped with a small change. And this small change can be made by you, and me, and my mum, and your next door neighbour, absolutely anyone and everyone. All you need to do is buy a scrub that doesn't have plastics in it. But how would you know if it has plastics in it? You're not a chemist! Well my dear friend, they have got you covered.

To make the change to natural scrubs easier, the lovely people at Fauna & Flora have made a Good Scrub Guide, which is a pretty comprehensive list of scrubs that are free from plastics that you can buy on the high street. 

But that's not all, to make it EVEN EASIER, there is a free app that you can download which scans the barcode of the scrub that you want to buy, and tells you if it has plastics in it. This app can be found in the App Store and it's called Beat the Micro Bead, and did I mention that it's FREE. Too easy? I know! And let's face it, to get rid of those dead skin cells effectively you don't need plastics. You just need some scrubby particles which can be found quite easily in nature. And now quite easily on the high street. 

So what are you waiting for? Ditch your nasty plastic scrubs and save the planet (and ourselves) by looking and feeling (naturally) beautiful. I know I will be!

Stacey x x 

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