Thursday, 18 June 2015

Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour

It's safe to say that I am an Urban Decay fan. You've seen my UD palettes post already so here is my Super-Saturated lip colour collection. 5 lip crayons ranging from natural to this-lip-crayon-couldn't-be-natural-if-it's-life-depended-on-it. But, hold the phone, I have just had a look on both UD's UK website and Debenhans website and something strange is going on, a lot of these crayons seem to be out of stock. So I am thinking either, people have been nulk buying these for the Zombie apocalypse, they are discontinuing them, or they are revamping them. I mean the first thought is most likely, but it could be either of the other two at a push.

But this is not going to hold me back, mainly because I have decided on this post and taken all the pictures for it, and because if they are discontinuing them I am sure you will still be able to get some on Ebay and if they are revamping them then it will be good to know a bit about them, ANNND for the Zombie apocalypse you will just have to make peace with the fact that other Zombies will look that little bit cooler than you.

So what are they first of all? They are an adult crayon - see other crayons in my collection. These are not a twist up like other crayons are, you have to sharpen these bad boys which is not as easy access as the twisty ones but at least it means you get a more precise tip. These are definitely a lipstick and not a lip balm. these aren't just a wash or a hint of colour, they are opaque and feel like lipstick on the lips. These retail at £14 and are 2.8g. But what do they look like on a pale girls face? I here you ask. I will show you.

Adrenaline. - This is a warm pinky red with a gold sparkle shot through it. And boy does it sparkle. This is for lips that want to be noticed, for all the right reasons (the picture does not do it justice, the sparkle is seriously intense in real life).

Glinda. - This is a nude brown with a shimmery silver shot through. It's a colour that I wouldn't have chosen for my self (It came as part of the Glinda palette) but I actually quite like it. It's a little different.

Crush. - This is a bright neon pink. Fun and funky and, well, PINK. Which I love.

Lovechild. - This is a nudy pink. One for the lovelies who like a bit of colour but not too OTT.

Big Bang. This is a pinky purple shot through with silver sparkle. This is Adrenaline's brother in the sparkle stakes. And as with children, it would be unfair to have a favorite between the two (Big Bang, shhh).

And here are the swatches.  

Sorry guys I didn't think ahead to swatch the colours in the order of the pictures above, I wish I had though, then I would have looked like a pro blogger. The first picture was taken in the shade, the second in direct sunlight. 

From left to right: Lovechild, Glinda, Crush, Adrenaline, Big Bang. 

The best things about Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour?
  1. The crayon applicator is easy peasy 
  2. They look smart - like a small magicians wand  
  3. Texture feels nice on the lips
  4. Lovely nudes and too cool for school sparkles!
The worst?
  1. Man! they have a long name!
  2. You have to sharpen them (the lazies have to do some work, AKA me)
Urban Decay YOU so cool and these lovelies are no exception.

What do you guys think of UD SSHGLC's - nope it doesn't work does it? Any lip product recommendations for me? I would love to hear them.

Stacey x x

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